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ShenDrones Tweaker FPV Addiction Racing Frame TGS

ShenDrones Tweaker FPV Addiction Racing Frame TGS

$ 50.00 $ 56.00

New from Shendrones, the Tweaker FPV Addiction Edition is a 180 mm size micro quad beefed up to support larger motors than its little brother the Tweaker. 


The Tweaker is incredibly fun to fly, quicker and more point-and-shoot than a mini, easier to shoot through gaps. What it loses in top speed it makes up for in agility and fun factor. With its ample space the Tweaker builds up as easily as a mini and accepts all the same components.


The Tweaker FPV Addiction Edition accepts 4" props, has 20 degrees of built-in fpv cam tilt and 35mm spacing between body plates. The Tweaker FPV Addiction Edition looks the same as a Tweaker, but had a stronger 4mm bottom plate and a 2mm top plate, and bigger motor mounts optimized to handle and protect 2200 series motors. The Tweaker FPV Addiction frame weighs 87 grams without electronics.

Read more about it on Andy Shen's (Tweaker designer) blog

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