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Falcon 165 Racing X Frame

Falcon 165 Racing X Frame

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The idea started simple. We wanted to design an X-quad that’s lighter, shorter, easier to build, and more durable than anything on the market. But we wanted a built-in HD camera mount that worked with Runcam, GoPro Session, and even full-sized GoPros. We wanted a x-quad specific PDB that works with Littlebees OR KISS, support for different cameras and VTXs, multiple options for antenna mounting, places to put zip ties and velcro straps, and an easily serviceable build.

Falcon needed a PDB that was designed specifically for X quads. We needed a no compromise, light weight, high amperage PDB with 5V pads in the right location for popular FCs and ESC pads that don't require you to criss-cross wires or flip your ESC upside down.

Nothing like that existed, so we worked with Flynoceros to design the reversible Flyno Cloverleaf Pro PDB -- one side is perfect for KISS and Rotorgeeks ESCs, and the other perfect for everything else. With 4oz copper, support for dual Pololu voltage regulators, zip tie slots for your XT60 pigtail, and pads in all the right places, there's nothing else like it, and it ships with Falcon 160 and 185.

The Flyno PDB is 1mm thick and weighs only 5g, making it the thinnest PDB on the market.


Props 4"
Motors 22XX
Weight 80g bare, 400g all up w/4S 1000mAh
Speciality Large & fast courses, HD recording


1 4mm Falcon 165 main plate
1 2mm Falcon top plate
1 1.5mm Falcon HD camera plate
1 Flyno Cloverleaf PDB
8 8mm screws
4 18mm screws
4 12mm screws
4 0.5mm spacers
4 4mm spacers
6 15mm standoffs
2 20mm standoffs
2 25m standoffs
2 30mm standoffs
4 37mm standoffs

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